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10 Personalised Birthday Gifts Under £20 For Your Loved Ones

10 Personalised Birthday Gifts Under £20 For Your Loved Ones

 The best way to celebrate a loved one's birthday is with gifts. There are so many different types of gifts that you can get someone on their birthday, but not all of them are thoughtful. There is nothing more special than giving someone a gift they never expected. This could be a gift that they have always wanted or a personalised birthday gift.

personalised birthday gifts


There are several personalised birthday gifts under £20 for your loved ones that are unique, creative and thoughtful. So whether you are looking to treat your child, partner, family member or a friend, these cheap personalised gifts will make them feel special and loved.

How Can I Personalise a Birthday Gift?

There are many ways to personalise a birthday gift for someone, but one of the most popular ways is by choosing a gift that is engraved with their name. This could be a bracelet, a mini keepsake, or a set of cufflinks. You can also buy something that they would not normally buy themselves, like a walk of fame star with their name on it. Another option is to get them something sentimental, like a photo frame with their picture on it and photos of other family members.

The best personalised gifts for your loved ones are the ones that you know they will love and cherish for long. We have compiled a list of some of the best personalised birthday gifts under £20. You don't need to spend a lot of money on your loved ones to make them smile. Just get them personalised gifts that they will love. You can make your gift more special by adding a personalised message, photo or name to it. If you have no idea on what to give a birthday celebrant, we will help you with birthday gift ideas for your loved ones to suit your budget.

What Are Some Birthday Gift Ideas Under £20?

So you want to surprise a loved one with a birthday gift that is thoughtful and would be appreciated. But then, you are on a tight budget, and wondering where to get affordable personalised gifts. Well, we can help you. Here are out top 10 gifts for under £20

1. Personalised Teddy Bear



A teddy bear is a great birthday gift for babies and toddlers. Personalising it with their photo will make them feel extra special and cherish it in years to come. This teddy bear is  good company for your baby when you are not available.

2. Personalised Lunch Bag

Personalised Lunch Bag


A perfect birthday gift for kids to teach them about their name and identity. This lunch bag will keep all those lunch nibbles safe. You can also get educational gifts for child development.

3. Personalised Framed Poem

Personalised Framed Poem


Each birthday is a milestone and deserves a special gift. If you are looking for a unique birthday gift for a teenager clocking 18, then this 18th birthday personalised framed poem is a great choice.

4. Personalised Makeup Bag

Personalised Makeup Bag


A unique birthday gift for her to store all her makeup accessories and for travel purposes. This gift is a thoughtful gift and will put a smile on any woman's face. It is durable, stylish and versatile.

5. Personalised Wallet Photo Card



Men are fond of always carrying their wallets around. A personalised wallet with a memorable photo and sweet message is the perfect birthday gift for him. A wonderful keepsake for someone special.

6. Personalised LED Candle Bottle 

Personalised LED Candle Bottle


A million dollar smile with this special birthday gift for your mum. Your mum will appreciate this beautifully designed LED candle bottle as it creates a cosy and homely ambience.

7. Personalised Photo Mug

Personalised Photo Mug


This is a perfect gift for your dad to make him feel special and loved. Personalise this mug with a photo of him or both of you together. It will become his favourite mug to drink coffee.

8. Personalised Wall Plaque

Personalised Wall Plaque

Birthday gift for a friend to style their home with. They can adorn their walls with this wooden plaque and add beauty to their homes.

9. Personalised Photo Collage

Personalised Photo Collage


A photo collage of all your family members is a great birthday gift for your grandparents to cherish while they are alive. You can also capture favourite moments, this will make your grandparents proud.

10. Personalised Birthday Card

Personalised Birthday Card


A birthday card with a personal note can be meaningful to anyone who receives it, especially when you are not sure of what to give. Wow a birthday celebrant with this birthday card that scans and plays Happy Birthday. It is a unique birthday gift for your friends, family and loved ones. You can also create your greeting card to add a personal touch by adding names, dates, events, and memories. 


Celebrating one's birthday with personalised gifts is an opportunity to show them how much you care and value them. Personalised birthday gifts will always be remembered because they are unique and creative, and not the price tag. 

Now that you have seen some affordable personalised birthday gifts to suit your budget. It is time to start shopping for your loved ones. You can also click and collect the same day from our workshop. At Pure Essence Greetings, we have different categories of luxurious gifts. Visit us today for your personalised gifts.

Happy shopping!

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