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Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas - The Ultimate Wedding Gift Guide 

Personalised Wedding Gift Ideas - The Ultimate Wedding Gift Guide 

 When it comes to wedding gifts, it is okay to pick gift ideas from the wedding registry if the couple has one. However, if you want to go the extra mile of putting a smile on the newlyweds, you can give them something special and personal - a sentimental gift! It will be a wonderful surprise for the couple to receive something sentimental that will always remind them of their beautiful union.

We know it can be an overwhelming task to prepare for a wedding as a guest or a couple. So we have put together this ultimate wedding gift guide to help ease the tension when shopping for wedding gifts. This guide will help you find the perfect wedding gift to make a couple feel loved and special. So if you are looking for wedding gift ideas that have a sentimental value, be sure to find one here for every couple.

Wedding Collection

Which Gift is Best For a Wedding Couple? 

The best gifts to give a couple are gifts that are sentimental, valuable, and will be useful to them. It doesn't have to be expensive, it is the thought that counts. When you value someone, you would make them feel special and loved on their big day. 

Sentimental gifts can make their special day memorable. For instance, as the mother of the bride, you can put together a welcome home box with essentials for the new bride, or a beautiful framed poem with words from your heart. She will feel appreciated and loved as she starts a new home. 

You can surprise the newlyweds with travel tickets to go on a honeymoon and relax after all of the wedding stress. You can also get home decor gifts to help style their new home. Whatever you choose to give a couple, make sure it comes from your heart, and they will enjoy having them. Also, personalise the gifts for a long-lasting memory.

Unique Wedding Gift Ideas - Gifts For Couples

There are other wedding gift ideas you can give a couple and are budget-friendly. Let's look at some unique wedding gift ideas that will blow your mind and help you choose the perfect gift.

1. Personalised Wedding Frames | Personalised Wedding Poems 

Wedding Frams and Poems

There are many things you would want to say to a new couple, which could be advice or prayers. The best way to do it, is to put them in words on a keepsake that they will cherish forever. You can get this wedding day personalised framed poem for that special couple. Or this unique light-up box wedding frame to add a warm glow and make their home look stylish. As a bride or groom, you can appreciate your partner with this bespoke piece of word art. Personalise it with your favourite photo, and get that unique feeling of being with THE ONE!

2. Personalised Wedding Wooden Keepsake Box

Wedding wooden boxs

A perfect gift to keep items like jewelry, makeup items, photographs, etc. Every bride needs this keepsake in their home. It is a thoughtful and useful gift. As the mother of the bride, you can give your daughter this beautiful box with some precious items in it.

3. Personalised Wedding Certificate Holder 

Wedding Certificate Holder

Wedding certificates are important documents and should be kept in a safe place. Giving a couple this wedding certificate holder will make them realize that you are part of their beautiful union, and want the best for them.

4. Personalised Plaques


If you are on a tight budget and want to get something they will love, personalized plaques are perfect! They can decorate their home with this beautiful ceramic plaque. A minimalist design for any home. With this word art glass plaque, you can create beautiful quotes or words of appreciation for newlyweds. Words can do magic especially when it is read every day. 

One exciting thing about weddings is the countdown to the big day! Once the wedding date has been fixed, treat yourself to this wedding countdown plaque. As you plan for your wedding, this will be a lovely reminder of your big day. 

5. Personalised Wedding Fund Box

Wedding fund box

So they just got engaged, and you want to encourage them. This wedding fund box is a special gift to help them plan for their big day. You can also add a cash gift to it as a way of supporting their union. Any couple would cherish this kind gesture.

6. Scented Artificial Flowers Bouquet

Artifical Flowers Bouquet

This beautiful scented artificial flowers bouquet will add beauty and colour to any home. An alternative, yet unique keepsake for couples to style their home with. 

7. Personalised Champagne Glasses

Champagne Glasses

If you have no idea what a couple likes, or contemplating on what type of gift to give, you can never go wrong with this handmade champagne glass. Personalise it to make it unique and sentimental. Another classic pair of flutes if they are wine lovers.

Mr & Mrs. Wedding Gifts 

Now you want to make a statement on your wedding day with beautiful decorations to hang at the entrance of the venue or placed on tables, this section is for you. Or are you looking to give a couple a gift with the Mr & Mrs tag, then check out some of our unique collections.

1. Hanging Decor For Wedding

Decor for wedding


Make your wedding more beautiful with this wooden hanging decor to hang on the top table or at the entrance of your wedding venue. It is a great addition to any wedding event.

2. Mr & Mrs. Wedding Poem

wedding poems

If you are looking to welcome your son or daughter-in-law into your family with words of appreciation, then do it with this wedding framed poem. It will be cherished forever. A beautiful keepsake to make them feel loved and welcomed. 

3. Mr & Mr / Mrs & Mrs. Slippers

Mrs & Mrs. Slippers

Have the bride and groom twin in with this beautiful pair of comfy slippers. A perfect gift for their honeymoon.

4. Personalised Wedding Favour Tokens

Wedding Favour Tokens

Share these wedding favor tokens as keepsakes to your wedding guests. It is best to appreciate your family and friends for celebrating your special day with you. Give them something to remember your union as a couple.

5. Personalised Wedding Scroll

Wedding Scroll

Write a beautiful poem on this personalised wedding scroll. It is thought that counts. This gift will be appreciated because it comes from your heart.

6. The Groom & The Bride

The Groom & The Bride

A decorative piece for the groom and bride. It can be used to decorate the wedding venue or dressing room of the couples.

On Our Wedding Day

Our Wedding Day

The big day is here, and you want to make your event colorful. You can decorate your reception with beautiful plaques to welcome your guests. 

On your wedding day, give your partner this personalized plaque, with beautiful words written on it to let them know you are thinking of them and show how much they mean to you. 

Will You Be My Maid Of Honour? | Maid Of Honour Gift

Maid Of Honour Gift

Your maid of honour gift should be unique and a keepsake to serve as a beautiful memory of supporting you on your big day. This plaque is a special keepsake to give your maid of honour and will be cherished.

Mother & Father Of The Groom Gifts

Mother & Father Of The Groom Gifts

You are starting a new home and you want to appreciate your parents. Give them something that will always make them feel your presence in this collection. These keepsakes will be cherished forever by your parents.

Mother & Father Of The Bride Gifts

Mother & Father Of The Bride Gifts

For brides, it is always a mixed feeling on their wedding day. There are many things you want to say to your parents. You can do all that with gifts from this collection. These unique keepsakes will make your parents feel loved and appreciated for having someone like you.


Getting married marks a new chapter in one's life and sentimental gifts come with the unique feeling of being loved and appreciated. Now that you have gone through the different wedding gift ideas, we believe you are ready to start shopping. You can also check out our best-selling gifts for more ideas. Be sure to celebrate your loved ones with something sentimental and personalized. Visit our store today and happy shopping!


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