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Home Decor Gifts: How To Style Your New Home | Pure Essence Greetings

Home Decor Gifts: How To Style Your New Home | Pure Essence Greetings

We love to celebrate special occasions, and housewarming is no exception. This also calls for the perfect gift to give a family member, a friend or a new neighbour. When it comes to housewarming gifts, it is the thought that counts. It doesn't have to be expensive or elaborate. We will help you with ideas on sentimental items you can give your loved ones to celebrate their new home.

Oh, you may end up getting for yourself too. Well, it is allowed. 

Why You Should Consider a Home Decor Gift

Moving to a new home is a big achievement and marks a new beginning. If you are looking for a gift for a new homeowner, or a couple looking to relocate, you might want to consider giving them a home decor gift. 

You may be wondering why?

Home Decor is the hottest trend in styling any home. It brings about individual tastes and reflects who you are. You can also derive comfort, positivity, emotional well-being from the way you decorate your home.

You don't want to give a boring gift or what everyone else is giving. Your recipient will appreciate a thoughtful gift that will add style to their new home.

For a home decor gift to be perfect, it should be aesthetically pleasing, personalised to suit the recipient and also make the home welcoming for guests.

Good Luck Gift Ideas

People give good luck gifts to wish new homeowners well in their new homes. These gifts have a history of bringing good luck into a new home. 

In the past, traditional housewarming gifts were quite symbolic. Gifts like bread, wine, wood, olive oil, candles, plants, rice, knives, etc were given as customary practices to bless a new home.

A good luck gift for new homeowners is a sentimental item that can add value and style to a new home. It is given with the hope that the recipient will have good fortune in their new home and uplift their spirit from the anxiety of moving into a new home. 

It is a good idea to make sure that your good luck gift is a personalised item with encouraging words to help make the event memorable. The gift should also be useful and reminds them of you.

5 Modern Home Decor Gifts Ideas

There are so many creative home decor gifts that you can give to someone to help them style their new home. But the options can be overwhelming if you don't know what to get. 

When you are looking for modern design home decor gifts, it is important to consider the person's style. Do they like to have a lot of colour? Are they into minimalist designs? What about a mix of both? 

Another way is to buy items that are versatile to create a unique look. These are just a few ways to make styling a new home easier. 

Once you have this information, you can narrow down your search for a home decor gift. Here are some great modern design home decor gifts for any budget.

1. Personalised Plaques

Decorative pieces that can be used to adorn the wall and give a modern style to a new home. They can be hung in any part of the house. Personalised plaques are perfect for home decor gifts. 

They make your home welcoming and filled with positive vibes. These personalised plaques can be wooden, ceramic or glass. They can also be personalised with photos and words to suit your preference.

wooden photo


For example, this personalised wood photo plaque is a lovely personalised keepsake for a couple as an addition to their new home. 



floral woman design ceramic plaque

Also, this floral woman design ceramic plaque gives a modern style and taste to any home, personalised with positive quotes.

2. Framed Photos

Framed Photos


Capture precious moments of your loved ones in this personalised storyboard framed print. You can never go wrong with this type of home decor gift. It is special and a lovely keepsake for a family moving into a new home. They will be grateful as they reminisce on sweet memories created in the past.

3. Personalised Poem Prints

Personalised Poem Prints

Perfect gift for new homeowners that have all the home decor gifts. Inspire them with this personalised poem print as a daily reminder that they can achieve their hopes and aspirations. You can also personalize this gift with your own unique words.

4. Personalised Photo on Candle

Personalised Photo on Candle


This beautiful personalised photo candle is a unique home accessory to brighten up any room and create the right ambience. This gift comes in handy when you don't know the recipient's style or taste. A perfect gift for housewarming.

5. Customised Cushions 

Customised Cushions

Cozy throw pillows are important for styling living rooms and bedrooms. This sunflower design cushion will make a stunning addition to any new home. Made with unique designs and vibrant long-lasting colours.


It is easy to find the perfect home decor gift for you and your loved ones on Pure Essence Greetings. From personalised plaques to customized cushions to framed photos to personalised poem prints and scented candles. There are different modern design home decor gifts available to style a new home with, and also bring good luck. 

You can also use your own words, photos and designs to create something unique and personal. To create your own personalised gift simply pick which gift you would like to personalise, such as one of our personalised plaques, and start creating. It is best to give the gift of style, not just the item itself. Shop with us today for personalised gifts at an affordable price.

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