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What is Click and Collect? - PEGGY 

What is Click and Collect? - PEGGY 

Shopping online has become a norm with its own perks. And we have all enjoyed the convenience that comes with it. So what if you want more? Or you are a last-minute person when it comes to shopping for gifts? Here at PEGGY, we want you to have a seamless experience while shopping with us. We would like to introduce the click and collect service to you.

click and collection

In simple terms, click and collect is when you order a product from our store and pick it the same day at our workshop. You can also create and personalise your gift and it is ready within 30 minutes. Click and collect has seen a huge growth over the years in the UK. According to this report, 71% of UK adults make use of this service when shopping online.

Is Click and Collect Free? 

Yes, click and collect is free! You don't have to pay any fee when using this service. You also get to avoid shipping fees when you order smaller items.

How Click and Collect Works

So you visit our store and browse through our range of gift items, or check our blogs for some gift ideas, and you finally see the perfect gift for your loved one. Here's how to get started with using click and collect.

  1. Order for products under same day gifts and put them in the cart.
  1. Select the option for pickup.
  1. Pay for items with the payment system that is convenient for you.
  1. Once payment is confirmed, we will send the necessary details for pickup.
  1. Locate our workshop with proof of order and pick your items.

How Long Does Click and Collect Take? 

Using our click and collect service, you don't have to wait for days to get your parcel shipped to you. You order the product that uses click and collect from our website and get it the same day. Don't worry, we will discuss some of the gift items you can order and collect on the same day.

Best Selling Gifts - Click and Collect 

Best Selling Gifts


1. Greeting Card

Choose from a variety of personalised cards today! Whether you're looking for customised word art or picture-perfect photo cards, we've got something for everyone. And if you want to make it truly yours, just add a personal touch.

Greeting Card

2. Cushions and Soft Toys 

Cushions and soft toys are perfect gifts to celebrate any occasion. They're great for kids, friends and family or even loved ones! You'll always be remembered when you give this thoughtful gift.


Cushions and Soft Toys


3. Photo Gifts - Frames and Wall Art

How many memories do you have on your phone? Why not make use of them by creating photo gifts, collages and photobooks that can be enjoyed for years to come. Alternatively, choose from one of our Sentimental gifts with heartfelt words. A keepsake to treasure for years to come.


Photo Gifts - Frames and Wall Art


4. Personalised Plaques

If you need a gift for that somebody who has everything- we've got you covered! Select from one of many plaque types including poem plaques, photo plaques, and acrylic decoration plaques to make the perfect present.
Personalised Plaques


5. Bags and Accessories

Shopping bags are an indispensable companion on every journey you take to achieve a less wasteful life. Pack your necessities in one of our durable, washable and - most importantly - stylish reusable shopping bags for an earth-friendly alternative to disposable totes. From school books to groceries or just running errands, we rely on our shopping bags daily. But this doesn't mean we have to destroy the planet with plastic and vinyl bags. Our reusable ones will carry all your necessities without harming the earth. Plus, you can add your own touch of style through customisation so they become one-of-a-kind!


Bags and Accessories


6. Unpersonalised Gifts

Some of our products come without personalisation and even so, you'll find them one-of-a-kind. You'll find an unmatched collection of modern design presents and home decor here that will give your place its own identity. We have created a range of unusual modern design gifts and home decor that will set you apart from the rest because we want to create something truly special for you.


Unpersonalised Gifts


7. Drinkware

There is nothing better than having your favourite drink in your favourite mug. Why not make your favourite drink even better with a special mug? Fill it up and watch it spill over. Your drinks will stay hot or cold for longer than ever before, never leak again and easily goes into the dishwasher when they're dirty. With such great choices available, there's sure to be something for everyone!


With click and collect, you don't have to worry about not getting a sentimental gift for your loved one on a special occasion. All you have to do is visit our store, click and collect from our workshop. We are waiting to receive you and create amazing gifts together. Click now to get started.

Happy shopping!


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