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4 of the Best Football Gift Ideas


Giving and receiving gifts during celebrations is one of the most interesting phenomena, and there is no exception for football fans, especially at the start of the season. There is always such excitement in children and adults alike as they watch their favourite player and team take the field and this signals how passionate and addictive football can make them be and suggests they just can’t get enough.

As a parent, friend or family, there is no better way to make our loved ones happier than to give them a gift that is specific to the team they support to commemorate the start of a new season. Whether they support Aston Villa, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United or Liverpool, our football gift ideas at PureEssence Greetings guarantee your footy loving friends and family, a keepsake that they will cherish always. 

What are the best football gifts to celebrate the new season?

Whether you are looking to buy for a football-loving child or adult this new season, PureEssenceGettings has got you covered with some of the best gift suggestions for the 2020/2021 season. Our gifts are a mix of cost-effective and personalised gifts designed to improve knowledge, parent-child interaction, encourage reading and help the good cause. Here are some of the best selling football gift ideas to celebrate the start of the new season with your loved ones.

  • Personalised Football Quiz Book: This premium quiz book is packed full of football based quizzes and other conundrums, but to add an extra twist, there is even a page full of questions to challenge their knowledge about their team, can your friends and family be more excited?
  • Football Club Street Sign Mug: Our personalised Street Sign Mug is a fabulous present for any Football fan and it is totally approved and fully licensed by the club. We merge your chosen name onto the Stadium Street Sign design that any Football fan will recognise. This gift makes a perfect keepsake for any football lover.
  • Personalised Football Team History Book: This book is every football fan's dream. A beautifully bound leather book with a gold embossed cover capturing the historic and greatest moments of the chosen team. This insightful book highlights the team's highs and the lows and presents them in a way that brings those moments right before them. Filled with vibrant pictures, transfer gossip, and genuine match reports so they can track each season. 
  • Football World Cup 1966 Pictorial Edition: The world cup is the most prestigious tournament in the world with top footballing nations competing for the highest accolade in sport. This special world cup football book includes highlights from all the world cups since the one hosted by England in 1966, with specific pictorial sections dedicated to the great players of the time.

If you are looking for more football gifts for a footie fan, you are sure to find the perfect present right on the PureEssenceGreetings' football gift page, check out our amazing selection of football gifts for every football fan. Whoever you are buying for and whatever team they support, you will find their perfect gift there. What’s more? Many of our football gifts are personalised, this means that you can add an additional touch of uniqueness to your footy fans’ gifts.

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