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7 Back to School Gift Ideas 0

Whether they are starting a new school or resuming the same one they have been in for the past few years, there is always a cloud of tension and nervousness on the first day for children. These jitters are real and a good back-to-school gift from their loved ones will help them settle in nicely and hit the ground running.

This back to school gift guide will help you pick the perfect gift for them and will leave a lasting memory of how much they are cherished. Ranging from personalised backpacks to Notebooks and travel mugs, there is something for everyone at the PureEssenceGreetings’ Back to School Gift page.

What age deserves a back to school gift?

Interestingly, there is no age restriction on who should get a back to school gift. Little kids are anxious about preschool, kindergartners are not sure what is about to happen, elementary-age kids are wondering what the school playground will be like, middle schoolers are concerned about juggling a schedule for the first time, high schoolers will be surrounded by kids who look like adults, college and postgraduates too are not left out. Even teachers and other staff can get a surprise back to school gift from schoolers or parents. Below are the best back to school gift ideas to help you get started on picking the right gift for them.

The 7 best back to school gift ideas

  • Personalised Geometric A5 Notebook: This elegant Geometric Notebook is the perfect gift for schoolers going back to school. A notebook will serve as a point to collect thoughts and ideas that they can reflect on, a place to record memories, a site to take risks and a place to play.

  • Personalised Gold Heart Island Water Bottle: This personalised Island Gold Heart reusable water bottle makes the perfect summer accessory. This is a great practical gift that encourages schoolers to stay hydrated and this makes it an ideal back to school gift.

  • Stay Safe Pack | Face Mask | Sanitizer: As we approach the new normal, we are now preparing schoolers to return to school. This pack includes a small zipped keyring pouch that contains a reusable face mask and a sanitizer. 

  • Personalised Monogram Travel Mug: This personalised thermal mug is the perfect gift to give to a teacher as school resumes! Its durable design means that it can be used many times to keep drinks hot or cold.

  • My Personalised Book About Space: A wonderful book about Space, this is the story of a little alien who’s going on holiday with Mum, Dad, and Zoggle the teddy, since the family is bored of their own planet, where should they go?

  • Personalised Children’s Pink Back Pack: A backpack is arguably the most basic gift you would consider at a time when schoolers are going back to school. It is personalised and can help kids house their belongings and help them get started.

  • Personalised Gold Heart Black Lunch Bag: This gorgeous personalised Gold Heart lunch bag is an ideal back to school gift and a cute way to keep all those lunch nibbles safe!

  • Those are 7 of the best back to school gift ideas for pretty much everyone as they are about going back to school. You should take a look at the PureEssenceGreetings’ Back to School Gift page for more inspiration for picking the ideal gifts for schoolers.

    • Jennifer Mcneil

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    Why I Love Christmas 0

     This is my favourite time of the year. Christmas is about more than gifts. It's about the games, the laughter the memories we create with friends and family. Christmas celebrates the gift of life, the gift of giving. 

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      This month's topic is 'Gifts That Inspire'.

    We all need something to look forward to. Your goals can be work-based, home-based or life in general. Sometimes we need a bit of motivation to achieve our goals. Whether that is having positive energy around you or words of encouragement.

    We will give you some motivational gift ideas for yourself or for anyone who is embarking on a new adventure or just needs a bit of support. Hope you are inspired by our gift range.

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    Father's Day Gift Ideas 2021 0

    Celebrating Father's Everywhere!

     Father’s Day is fast approaching, it is another opportunity to make the papas in your life feel celebrated because nothing compares to the love of a Father. How often do we show appreciation for all that they do?

     PEGGY understands that you want to get a unique gift that he will actually use, something that is sentimental, meaningful, funny, or a blend of all three. We will help you surprise them with the perfect gift for Father’s Day this year.

    Browse through a Gift Guide to find inspiration. For more gift ideas click here

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    Every Mum appreciates a gift from the heart and our range of personalised gift options lets you choose a design and message that reflects your Mum. Choose from our range of Mothers Day glassware, candles, and our always popular engraved plaques.
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