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Your main aim is to attract potential customers and clients. Networking events, shops, trade shows, fayres/markets, and other examples are great ways to increase brand awareness. The right branded merchandise can make the right impression. 

We recognise that, as a small business, you may require a smaller quantity of items to showcase your business and market your brand. We are set up to produce a lower volume of branded merchandise at affordable prices.

We create stylish, branded merchandise that can be used daily or can be kept for a longer period. This can help you get maximum exposure. Practical, functional products help your customers to remember your business for a longer period or perhaps for a lifetime.

PEGGY Branded Products - Low Minimum Orders for Small Businesses

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Custom Business Logot  Notebook PureEssenceGreetings
Custom Business Logo Notebook
From £16.45 £21.95
Personalised Notebook | Own Text PureEssenceGreetings
Custom Logo Mug Pure Essence Greetings
Custom Logo Mug
From £12.05
Custom Logo Mouse Mat Pure Essence Greetings
Custom Logo Mouse Mat
From £7.65
Copy of Custom Business Logo Notebook PureEssenceGreetings
Custom Logo Pouch Bag PureEssenceGreetings
Custom Logo Pouch Bag
From £9.85
Hi Visbility Vest Pure Essence Greetings
Hi Visbility Vest
From £9.85